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The tires will be delivered to You after receiving the payment to our bank account or after receiving a corresponding lease-purchase contract.


Greatest part of our selection is sent out in 1 up to 2 working days, exceptionally also on the 3rd working day. In some cases when the tire is not available in the stock of Estonian suppliers, the delivery time might be up to 7 working days. Each time You make an order, You will be contacted and the estimated delivery time is being specified.


The tires will be delivered to You by our own carrier or by some of our co-partners (ELS, Kaubaekspress, DPD). The delivery time also depends on Your address – most of Estonia is covered in the next day after giving over the good, islands and other places which are heavier to access are mostly covered in 2 working days.


Shipping costs (postage) are fixed for You. The costs which exceed these, KUMMIMEES will pay for You.


Ordering 4 or more tires, transport is FREE!  Only Estonian territory!


  • Passenger car/ van/ 4 x 4 (off-road) tire: 2,56€/piece
  • Motorcycle/ ATV tire: 1,92€/ piece
  • Truck tire: 6,39€/ piece


NB! Please pay attention! If we receive the payment after 14.00 p.m., we will not be able to send out the good until next day!



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