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Truck tyres, mounting, puncture repair and retreading

  • Kummimees finds the right tyre in the right price range. We offer most common tyre brands.
  • Tyre mounting is proffessional and is done by modern equipment.
  • Truck tyre repairs are conducted by hot and cold vulcanizing.
  • On retreading, we use Michelin Recamic retread technology.

Technically, the retreading consists in the renovation of a tyre replacing the used layer of rubber by a new one, with similar properties.


When the layer of raw rubber is put on the casing and pressed in a mould (where the layer will have his finale shape), we talk about hot retreading.


When the precured layer of rubber (the pattern is definitive) is applied to the casing thanks to cushion gum, and alltogether is then cured in an autoclave, we talk about cold retreading.


Retreading a tyre consists in replacing some element of a used casing, so that it remains conform with the conditions of use. Retreading is also a repair operation.


The RECAMIC Services technology (Brand Recamic) is based on a cold retreading process:

  • The remaining rubber is put away: it is the buffing
  • A fine thickness of raw rubber, named cushion rubber, and a precured tread (produced by Michelin), are applied on the top of the casing. The sticking of the tread is made with a perfect regularity. The exceptional quality of the tread sole is obtained thanks to our protection polyester layer. This layer is removed instants before the retreading, allowing a last minute activation of the sole surface which will be in contact with the casing
  • Mechanically applied, the tread takes the exact shape of the buffed casing, offering a better resistance to scrubbing on the shoulders which could generate a separation between the tread and the casing.
  • The tyre is then cured in an autoclave with a rather low temperature, associated to an optimised curing time.



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